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Vedic Uses For Cow Dung

In the rural areas of India it is customary to make patties from cow dung. Each family has a few cows, the cows eat fresh grass or hay, they give milk, and their dung is made into patties and used as fuel, for cooking, for heating and many other purposes. The video shows a few rural women making the dung patties, drying them and storing them in a hut, which is also made of cow dung. This is a maximal and very practical utilization of the cow's products - therefore in India the cow is considered a mother. If the cows are raised with love, fed with the proper food, and cared for, in a very natural way according the cow nature, they give back. In the following videos we will see how the cow dung is used for cooking, for creating an "oven" for burning clay cups, and for producing Ayurvedic toiletries such as tooth brushing powder, soaps, disinfectants, incense and more.

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