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A safe haven for

Indian Zebu cows,

in northern Arizona


....Where the cow is

seen as "mother"

and the bull as "father"


"According to the Vedas, human prosperity depends more on brahminical culture and cow protection.

This should be taught all over the world, and ideal self-suffiicient farm communities should be developed. Then all economic problems are solved."

  - Srila A.C.    Bhaktivedanta                   

Swami Prabhupada


Our purpose is to love, protect, and serve the cows. The ideal life is to live off the natural bounty of the land and from the cow's gift of milk.

At the Vedic Ranch we show how one can be happy by a life of "simple living and high thinking", and by the cultivation of one's blissful and natural spiritual consciousness.


Help support and care for the cows - gomata seva!

In the Brhat Parashara Smrti (5.26-27) it is said that one who feeds the cow with grass and water every day derives the benefit equivalent performing an Ashwamedha Yajna. 


Get Involved

We invite you and your family to come and visit the Vedic Ranch and Goshala at our new location; located less than two hours north of Phoenix, just outside Prescott.

We have guests facilities (call for more information).

In the future, we plan to have bi-monthly bhakti-yoga retreats, where you can come and experience an ashram life with the cows.

News 1

We just moved the cows to a new location 12 miles outside of Prescott, Arizona.

News 2

Cow protection is important part of India's ancient spiritual culture.

News 3

One name for God in the ancient Sanskrit language is Govinda,

which means "one who gives

pleasure to the cows."

juniper well ranch front sign.jpeg

We just moved the cows to a new location on Nov. 8th, just 12 miles west of Prescott.


It's a 63 acre ranch, called Juniper Well Ranch.

It has sufficient pastures and little barns for all the cows and bulls to have protection from the weather conditions.


We are most grateful to our hosts for granting this facility.

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